Author Sheyna Galyan

Destined to Choose

DestinedToChooseDestined to Choose (#1)
Yotzeret Publishing, October 2013

When a college freshman’s philosophy paper on the Holocaust jeopardizes her relationship with her grandfather, she finds herself alone and afraid on the streets of Minneapolis. Help comes in the form of Rabbi David Cohen, who is struggling with his own personal demons. Trained in both psychology and Talmudic argument, David must help this family face the real issue that divides them. Set against the backdrop of a Jewish holiday of mourning, they bring together their experiences as they confront evil itself and answer a cry for help that no one expected.

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“…brilliantly written. Author Sheyna Galyan has done an amazing job of integrating everyday Jewish life with a great meaty story. The depth of this novel is exceptional; the education in Jewish life and customs, mixed with fabulous, multi-layered character development, make this an important novel for readers of all faiths.”

—Ellen Stanclift, MA Theology

“This book is engaging and accessible for readers without extensive knowledge of Judaism. The author develops the characters in a manner that makes you feel as if they are friends or members of your community. I really resonated with Rabbi David Cohen’s struggle for balance between his work and his family. The author did a great job of weaving multiple story lines into the plot to keep the reader engaged.”

—Debbie Ackerman, on reading Destined to Choose for her book club

“Ms. Galyan gives her readers plenty of food for thought in the course of the book. The story and and the thoughtful way in which the author and her characters wrestle with some serious issues make Destined to Choose a worthwhile and enjoyable read.”

—L. S. Jaszczak, book reviewer