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About Sheyna

Sheyna Galyan is an award-winning author and poet, a natural-born intuitive, and the founder of Soul Guides, helping to connect people with their guides so they can trust themselves with power, authenticity, and freedom. She holds advanced degrees in psychology and education, and according to her teen sons, is half-human and half “special,” which is baffling, because she puts her pants on one eyebrow at a time like everyone else. She’s an enby who is indifferent to pronouns, a Jewish mystic, and married to a man who says she’s “something, that’s for sure.” Based on feedback from multiple focus groups (or what some people playfully refer to as “the public”), she’s managed to successfully pull off profound, intense, and insane simultaneously. You can find Sheyna’s books through your favorite bookstore, and follow her online on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Sheyna’s Books

As of 2019, in addition to continuing the Rabbi David Cohen suspense series (see below), I’m also starting a new series of paranormal suspense without the Jewish overtones. Stay tuned for more!

You don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy the Rabbi David Cohen suspense series. They were written intentionally to be accessible to readers of any–or no–faith. For your convenience, a glossary is included at the end of each book. And if you are Jewish, you’ll appreciate the hidden symbolism scattered throughout.

I write my books to answer Big Questions. Destined to Choose is my answer to the question Why is there evil in the world? And Strength to Stand is my answer to How much intolerance should we tolerate–and if it’s none, aren’t we being intolerant too?

Strength to Stand (Rabbi David Cohen #2)

When Rabbi Batya Zahav first suspects she’s the victim of an anti-Jewish stalker, she enlists the help of her colleague, Rabbi David Cohen. Soon her husband Arik, an Israeli-born Minneapolis cop, is also on the case. As the stalker’s anonymous persecution increases in violent intensity, it falls to David to identify the stalker before someone gets hurt, and before the stalker carries out the latest chilling threat.

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Destined to Choose (Rabbi David Cohen #1)

When a college freshman’s philosophy paper on the Holocaust jeopardizes her relationship with her grandfather, a Shoah survivor, she finds herself alone and afraid on the streets of Minneapolis. Help comes in the form of Rabbi David Cohen, who is struggling with his own personal demons. Trained in both psychology and Talmudic argument, David must help this family face the real issue that divides them. Set against the backdrop of a Jewish holiday of mourning, they bring together their experiences as they confront evil itself and answer a cry for help that no one expected.

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