Posted on September 3, 2007


I just received an email from Lisa Hamilton, a fellow author interested in both books and beliefs, asking about my blog here, and mentioning that she read a reference to Books and Beliefs in yesterday’s New York Times.

She WHAT? My blog is WHERE?

She is right. Sunday, September 2, the New York Times ran an article about author Amy Cohen’s blog tour for The Late Bloomer’s Revolution, in which I’d participated not long ago. The full article is titled “The Author Will Take Q.’s Now” by Kara Jesella. And there it is, paragraph six.


Well, that totally made my day, and I owe big thanks to Lisa Hamilton, without whom I wouldn’t have known it was out there. Her book, I should mention, is due out later this month, and called Wisdom From the Middle Ages for Middle-aged Women and classifies it as Christian (Anglican) fiction.

Thanks, Lisa! And wheeeeee!


  1. Jack Steiner

    That is pretty cool.

  2. james


    pretty cool.

    does it look like the iBooks are photoshopped on the pics of ms. cohen and dr. frank?

    btw, the mr. t experience played some pretty great shows back in the day.

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