you see the world differently…

…and I love you for that. You create harmonies where most others are in unison. But your voice is missing from the metaphorical choir, and we need you, even though you may have believed all your life that you don’t fit in.

Somewhere along the line, someone may have silenced you, squashed your spirit. And maybe after they stopped or were out of your life, you kept silencing and squashing yourself because you knew how to do that. It felt safe.

You may not think you are, but you’re funny, smart, intuitive, spiritual, and creative. You have a vision in which you can speak or write with power and be understood, where you can live a life where you are free to express your full self, every previously silenced, squashed part of you.

You’ve likely overcome adversity, whether external or internal. You’re working to heal your wounds and find the gifts within. Even in the midst of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or the effects of trauma, you are deeply engaged in learning to fully love and accept yourself.

And now you want more.

More clarity. More intuition. More guidance. More expression.
More YOU.

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Guides Can Be a Source of Support

Guides Can Be a Source of Support

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What “living the life you’ve always wanted” really means

What “living the life you’ve always wanted” really means

I say that I’m about helping people to live the life they’ve always wanted, the life that they were taught they couldn’t have or didn’t deserve. Let’s talk about what that means. And what it doesn’t. It doesn’t mean that all your wishes will come true or that your...

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Set in Motion

Set in Motion

SET IN MOTIONThis is how everything changed.This is how a life was saved.This is my story.Trigger warning for a brief mention of past suicidal intention.Also, bonus content in the last minute.

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coaching and book faq


How is coaching different from therapy?

While I am a formal mental health counselor and have been trained in various forms of psychotherapy, I am not a licensed therapist and I do not practice therapy.

Here’s how I see the difference:

A therapist helps a person heal their present by addressing what led them to this point (e.g.: trauma, core beliefs, emotional avoidance, etc.). Especially in clinical settings, it requires a “problem/ solution with measurable progress” paradigm. It is the surgery of the psyche, going after the root of the issue.

A coach helps a person change their present by addressing their thoughts, beliefs, and actions in the present moment and moving forward. It can operate as both problem/solution and also support/ celebration/accountability. This is the physical therapy of the psyche.

A healer helps a person change their present by addressing their energetic and physical health in the moment and moving forward. This is the medicine of the psyche.

While there are some overlaps, they largely have their own areas of focus.

When I’m coaching, we honor the past and acknowledge that it has an impact, sometimes profound. But we don’t go digging for it. We don’t go back to the past to try to heal it. That’s for therapy, which I usually recommend be trauma-informed.

Do I have to come to your office for coaching?

No. I do all of my coaching via Zoom for several reasons.

  1. You get to be in an environment you choose, that is safe and familiar.
  2. You can live anywhere in the world (as long as you have wifi) and work with me.
  3. You can choose to have your sessions recorded (viewable only by you and me), which you can then download and watch or listen to later. That way you don’t need to take any notes and can be fully present for our sessions.

For further questions, please see the work with me page or ask during our illumination call.

Do I have to believe in God/Source/Universe to work with you?

No. I have worked with Atheists, Pagans, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, and quite a few Agnostics, among others. While we will help you develop your connection to your intuition and guides as a part of your work with me, it’s not my intention nor the intention of your guides to change your beliefs about any sort of higher power.

How much do you charge for coaching? / Do you take credit cards?

I begin with a package of four weekly, one-hour sessions for USD $1,000. Some people only need that. Some need longer. I don’t do single sessions because it doesn’t support my clients.

You might be able to connect with a guide in an hour, but building a relationship and then using that to reach your goals, use your voice, step into your full being, and reclaim your power takes longer. The average amount of time I work with people to get the results they want is six months.

The work I do is highly customized to you and your goals, so I can’t tell you how long it will take for you. We’ll talk more about your goals and a timeline on an illumination call.

I accept all major credit cards and PayPal. I do not accept cash or check. (You can pay by e-check via PayPal.) Payment must be received before our first call. I do not issue refunds and your calls must be used by you and cannot be transferred to another person.

Where can I get your books?

My books are distributed to the trade by Itasca Books and can be ordered from your favorite bookstore or online. See the specific book pages for ordering links.

Can I get autographed copies of your books?

Yes! You can always get them from me at book signings, and now you can also order autographed copies from my Etsy shop.

Can I book you to speak at our event?

Yes! Please submit a proposal using my contact form.

You can also connect with me here (and here and here...)

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