Question Regarding Rebbetzins – Need Anonymous Help Please!

Posted on January 5, 2007

Slightly reworded so more people can answer. 🙂

I need some help here, please!

No personal information requested…

I’m not sure if this is true in your shuls, but in ours, when there’s a bar or bat mitzvah, or any other simcha for that matter, during whatever social time follows the davening, there is a group or line of well-wishers around the person/people celebrating the simcha.

If something similar to the above is true in your shul, does your rebbetzin (or do you – as the rebbetzin) wait in “line” to speak to said celebrant? Or do others graciously allow her/you to step in and bypass the line/group? Or does she/do you wait until there is no line/group? Or…?

Is there ever a time when her/your husband (the rabbi) wants to speak to someone surrounded by a similar line/group, and if so, what does he do?

And for rebbetzins themselves, do you take your cues about waiting/not waiting from him? If not, from where?



  1. Sheyna

    Thanks Fern! I appreciate your input – it’s definitely helpful.

  2. Fern @ Life on the Balcony

    The rebbetzin at my shul usually is busy doing things behind the scenes, so I think she usually congratulates the person/people when the oneg or luncheon or whatever is underway and things are more settled. I hope that helps!

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