Why I’m Engaging in these Sheynanigans

10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know contains a powerful message that can help people see themselves differently. It’s my vision that a thousand or more people will receive that message by the end of 2022.

So I need your help to spread the word about this book. But I want it to be fun for you too.


10 Things Your Soul Guides Want You to Know Bingo and Scavenger Hunt Had a Baby Game






Post a review on Amazon, take a screenshot of it, and send it to Sheyna
In a public* post, tell us what question you'd ask Dresden or Michael if you had the chance and why you'd ask
Your copy of 10 Things is hungry. Share a photo of you feeding it a gourmet meal
With 9 other friends, dress up as each of the chapters and publicly share a photo of all 10 of you together with your book
Publicly share a photo of you and your copy of 10 Things playing your favorite sport. (Not responsible for book damage if your favorite sport is dangerous or wet.)
Dress your copy of 10 Things up for Halloween and share a public* photo on social media (title must be visible)
Create a video of you acting out one of the scenes from the book, post it publicly*, and explain why you chose that one
Take a selfie with a local (to you) bookseller who has agreed to carry 10 Things in their bookstore and post it publicly* on social media
Paint a picture of yourself as a divine feather using whatever media you like. Glitter required. Post publicly* on social media
You have an hour with Sheyna and their guides. How do you use it? Share in a public* post on social media
Post a public* video/reel that you're reading 10 Things and why
Post a review of 10 Things on Goodreads, take a screenshot of it, and send it to Sheyna
What do you want the world to know about 10 Things that hasn't been asked here?
Share three or more questions you have after reading 10 Things
Take a photo of a copy of 10 Things found in the wild (bookstore, library, etc.) and post publicly* on social media
Post a public* photo of your copy of the book in a location that represents one of the 10 things (chapters) and explain the connection in the caption
Your copy of the book plus crafting materials. Make something. Share a public* photo of your creation
Write an article or blog post about your experience reading 10 Things and publish it publicly*
You're a professor and have given your students 10 Things to read as an assignment. What homework should they turn in worthy of college credit? Post your answer publicly* on social media
Several endorsers said that reading 10 Things was healing and therapeutic. Describe how it was healing or therapeutic for you in a public* post on social media
Quote your favorite part (or take a photo of it) in 10 Things and explain why it's your favorite in a public* post
On a podcast (yours or someone else's), talk about 10 Things and what it has meant to you. Share the podcast link with Sheyna
Gift a copy of 10 Things to someone who needs it. Share a public* photo of the gifting (faces not required) and explain why you chose this person
Life is messy. Share a public* photo of 10 Things helping you clean house
Describe in a public* post the results (to the extent that you're comfortable sharing) of doing one of the exercises in 10 Things and why it's meaningful


  1. *All posts must be public (set to public rather than private or friends only) unless otherwise stated, and must be sharable by anyone. Because your posts will be public, please be careful what private information you share.Your post(s) may be shared by Sheyna, and posting them as part of this game gives Sheyna non-exclusive permission to share/repost at any time of their choosing
  2. All posts must include the hashtag #soulguidesbook wherever possible.
  3. All posts must tag Sheyna Galyan if possible, or a link or screenshot must be sent to Sheyna at sheyna [at] sheynagalyan [dot] com. (If Sheyna doesn’t know about it, it can’t be counted as a raffle entry.)
  4. All posts must be made between October 24, 2022 and December 24, 2022 to qualify for entry in the raffles.
  5. Each distinct entry (completion of one square) equals one entry in the main raffle.
  6. Each distinct BINGO (vertical/horizontal/diagonal) earns a total of five (5) entries in the main raffle and one (1) entry in the BINGO raffle.
  7. A blackout BINGO earns 25 entries in the main raffle and a special blackout BINGO prize determined by Sheyna.
  8. Winners will be announced by Sheyna after the game ends.
  9. Prizes include merchandise and services valued between $100 and $500 USD.
  10. All prize determinations are final.
  11. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.
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