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i want my own soul guides…on demand

This is the number one thing my clients want from their work with me: a partnership with their soul guides and the skills, experience, and support to connect with their guides at any time to:

  • Get answers to questions big and small
  • Heal trauma*
  • Inspire creativity
  • Transform their business
  • Create healthy relationships
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve physical health
  • And more

One-size-fits-all classes and meditations haven’t worked. My clients want personalized support and coaching that is:

  • Non-religious
  • LGBTQIA+ friendly
  • Trauma-informed
  • Fully accessible to mental and physical health challenges, including neurodivergent people living in a neurotypical world

This is what Soul Guides is all about.

I also work with clients to understand how old, processed trauma is affecting their present-day lives, keeping them silenced, squashed, and stuck in their efforts to live the life they’ve always wanted. Sometimes we do that with the help of their guides and sometimes we don’t. That’s up to the client.

While I am a formal mental health counselor and have been trained in various forms of psychotherapy, I am not a licensed therapist and I do not practice therapy.

* Soul Guides coaching for unprocessed trauma is intended as complementary support and not a substitute for work with a licensed trauma therapist. Please see our Disclaimer for more information.

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When we’ve felt silenced and squashed, especially over a long period of time, we react in one of two ways:

  1. We diminish ourselves, to make ourselves smaller
  2. We inflate ourselves, to make ourselves bigger

And sometimes we make ourselves physically bigger even as we shrink our energy and presence in the world. It’s a way of being big without being big. It’s protection.

I work with both reactions in my clients. Think of yourself as a puzzle piece, a necessary part of the whole picture. Neither too small nor too big will help. We need you to find your right size, and to take up your full space, be your full self.

if you’re anything like my clients…

You’re a creative type, whether by hobby or profession. You need to express yourself like you need to breathe air, but you’ve been silenced, bullied, abused, shamed, gaslit, even persecuted. Perhaps when others ceased to silence, squash, and gaslight you, you squashed, silenced, and gaslit yourself.

You’ve been trying to find the right way. The smart way. And you’ve been doing it all yourself because self-reliance is something you value. But you’re still feeling unsuccessful and unheard. Somehow, you’re always on the outside looking in. You don’t feel fully accepted in your community, so you do more, do better, even to the point of sacrificing yourself. No one seems to see you slave away, giving it everything you have and then some.

You’ve tried programs and classes, especially from renowned experts. You try to fit yourself into their formula, changing the way you do business or engage in relationships or even the way you live your life, and it’s not giving you the results you want. Now you’re wary. You want evidence before you commit to anything else before you spend any more money on a program that still doesn’t understand you.

You have a vision. Seeing the big picture is one of your gifts. You can see patterns and diversity and how they all weave together into a harmonious whole. If only someone else could see what you see, hear what you’re really saying, understand what you know. If only someone saw the significance of what you bring to the table and signed on to follow you.

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My clients often (but not always) identify as:

  • Survivors of violence, abuse, or gaslighting
  • Hurt or betrayed by organized religion
  • Neurodivergent
  • Coping with mental and/or physical health issues
  • Weirdos, rebels, nonconformists

    Soul Guides and I will always honor your:

    • Gender identity and expression
    • Sexuality
    • Religious beliefs (if any)
    • Trauma history
    • Physical or emotional limitations
    • Freedom to be as weird as you want

    I highly recommend that anyone speak to Sheyna if they are curious, in a spiritual crisis, or want to learn how to connect with their own guides. Recognize that connecting with guides is not an overnight process nor is it always simple either. Learn to trust your own instincts that you’ve communicated with your guides, no matter how small or big your communication. Some guides are verbose, some are less talkative, but both are valid. They work with your own filters of the world and at your comfort level. My spiritual journey began in 2017 and I look forward to future developments, which Sheyna has been a huge part of. Thank you, Sheyna! ❤️


    I get it.

    I spent the first 45 years of my life squashed and silenced and gaslit. I’m an abuse and assault survivor and I know how lonely and hopeless it is in that space. I also know the joy and expansiveness of learning who I really am and living the kind of life my soul so desperately desires.

    I didn’t get to this point alone. The one constant was my soul guides—spirit guides, angels, beings of light and energy whom I’ve been able to hear and speak with and see since I was three years old. By the age of seven, and with permission, I discovered I could see and speak with others’ guides, and for the past twenty-plus years, I’ve been quietly sharing their messages and helping others like you meet your own kick-ass team of guides and become partners with them in becoming a powerful voice for your work, your family, and your life.

    Numerous times, my guides saved my life. They’ve become close friends. We joke. We play. With my guides as partners who led me to coaches and other professionals, I healed from decades of abuse. I grew into a life so much more amazing than I ever thought possible. My guides continue to help me navigate trauma triggers and respond to the need for safe, trauma-informed spirituality. My guides have led me to you, as much as yours have led you to me.

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    I will forever be grateful to Sheyna for her willingness to be open about her journey. I have become a completely different woman, and upon reflection, I can’t recognize the one I used to be. I will never return to that barren place. One of my guides is prone to telling me the following encouraging tidbit, and I hope that it helps someone who is searching: “You can look back and feel the harsh winds of regret, or you can face forward and feel the gentle breeze of possibility and hope.”


    what soul guides coaching is like

    We start with where you are. If you think maybe you’ve met a guide before, great! We’ll start there. If you’re not sure you have guides, and if you do have them, you think they might have given up years ago, we’ll start there.

    I’m not going to ask you to change any of your spiritual beliefs. I may ask you to change some of your beliefs about yourself.

    You know the ones: I don’t matter. I’m not safe. I’m not enough. I can’t trust myself.

    That last one’s a biggie. We’ll get you trusting yourself again—trusting your body, your intuition, your energy. You’ll meet one or more of your guides and have experiences of being able to trust them as well.

    This requires more than what many Law of Attraction teachers say. It’s not about thinking positive thoughts or wanting it badly enough. It’s about getting clear on what you do want, trusting yourself, trusting your guides, saying yes to opportunities that are aligned with what you want, navigating the very real obstacles and resource inequities in this world, showing up, and doing the work. And celebrating every bit of progress.

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    I consulted with Sheyna when I was at a crossroads with cancer treatment. Sheyna’s guidance helped me see things in perspective, let go of what was unnecessary, and reconnect to my center. I found it life-giving, affirming, beautiful and resonant! I felt the information was accurate, and really fit me. It was not predictive or manipulative and did not “tell” me what to do. Instead, it reminded me of the things that matter most to me and helped me find clarity in the midst of confusion. Thank you Sheyna, for your guidance.


    what can my life be like with soul guides?

    That life you’ve always wanted but were taught you couldn’t have or didn’t deserve? You may already be getting a taste of it and you’ll be getting much more clarity around what you want to experience.

    You’ll be experiencing the unconditional love of your guides, and you’ll know you belong in the world.

    You’ll express yourself with confidence, knowing that your message comes from your heart and also has the backing of your spiritual team.

    You will begin to experience freedom from unrealistic expectations (others’ and your own), and instead of someone else’s “right way,” you’ll be playing with your way.

    You’ll respond, more and more, to life’s adversities from an empowered perspective, with the help and support of your guides and intuition.

    You’ll learn to own your own power, trust yourself and your guides, and awaken more joy in your life.

    And so much more.

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    here are the soul guides foundations

    soul guides foundations

    • Every human being has access to their soul guides if they so desire.

    • Soul guides are extensively trained energy beings that have chosen to become guides and were chosen by your soul before you incarnated. You aren’t assigned the next random guide in line. Your guides were chosen—by your soul—because they have experience, training, or personalities that your soul knows will help you.

    • While deceased loved ones may offer their love, support, and even their perspectives, it is rare for them to also be extensively trained as your guides.

    • Guides will incarnate to gain more experience and understanding in their own evolution as guides, so it’s definitely possible that one of your loved ones had that lifetime with you as further training.

    • Not all guides incarnate. Some have never incarnated, though they then usually work with other guides who have, since those who have incarnated better understand the human experience.

    • How guides present themselves may also offer clues as to their relationship with you. Remember, they are all energy, so any physical form they present is intentional.

    • You will typically have one or more guides that are present with you throughout your incarnation. You may have other guides that come and go, depending on your need for them.

    • Soul guides are here to help you experience what you came here to experience as the full expression of your true self.

    • Soul guides may be more hands-on or hands-off, depending on your soul’s agreement with them. You may change that agreement at any time.

    • The mind/ego, body, and soul/spirit/essence are all necessary and important parts of you.

    • You enter into flow when your mind/ego, body, and soul/spirit/essence are in balance.

    • It is not your guides’ intention to change your mind on religion or spirituality.

    • They will, however, offer you perspectives you might not have entertained before.

    • Your guides’ purpose is to assist you in the Here and Now, to live this lifetime with all of its challenges and celebrations, its sorrows and its joys.

    • Working with your guides will help you come into alignment with who you truly are (your essence) as well as to navigate the adversities present in this lifetime.

    • Your soul guides are an extension of Source/Universe/Love energy (as are you) and will only ever guide you with unconditional love.

    • For me to work with your soul guides, I need the permission of 1) you; 2) your guides; 3) my guides. If any one of them says no, it won’t happen.

    • I cannot read minds and I do not pry into others’ emotional or spiritual fields without the full consent of you and our guides.

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    coaching faqs


    How is coaching different from therapy?

    While I am a formal mental health counselor and have been trained in various forms of psychotherapy, I am not a licensed therapist and I do not practice therapy.

    Here’s how I see the difference:

    A therapist helps a person heal their present by addressing what led them to this point (e.g.: trauma, core beliefs, emotional avoidance, etc.). Especially in clinical settings, it requires a “problem/ solution with measurable progress” paradigm. It is the surgery of the psyche, going after the root of the issue.

    A coach helps a person change their present by addressing their thoughts, beliefs, and actions in the present moment and moving forward. It can operate as both problem/solution and also support/ celebration/accountability. This is the physical therapy of the psyche.

    A healer helps a person change their present by addressing their energetic and physical health in the moment and moving forward. This is the medicine of the psyche.

    While there are some overlaps, they largely have their own areas of focus.

    When I’m coaching, we honor the past and acknowledge that it has an impact, sometimes profound. But we don’t go digging for it. We don’t go back to the past to try to heal it. That’s for therapy, which I usually recommend be trauma-informed.

    Do I have to come to your office?

    No. I do all of my coaching via Zoom for several reasons.

    1. You get to be in an environment you choose, that is safe and familiar.
    2. You can live anywhere in the world (as long as you have wifi) and work with me.
    3. You can choose to have your sessions recorded (viewable only by you and me), which you can then download and watch or listen to later. That way you don’t need to take any notes and can be fully present for our sessions.

    For further questions, please see the work with me page or ask during our illumination call.

    Do I have to believe in God/Source/Universe to work with you?

    No. I have worked with Atheists, Pagans, Catholics, Lutherans, Jews, and quite a few Agnostics, among others. While we will help you develop your connection to your intuition and guides as a part of your work with me, it’s not my intention nor the intention of your guides to change your beliefs about any sort of higher power.

    How much do you charge? / Do you take credit cards?

    I begin with a package of four weekly, one-hour sessions for USD $1,000. Some people only need that. Some need longer. I don’t do single sessions because it doesn’t support my clients.

    You might be able to connect with a guide in an hour, but building a relationship and then using that to reach your goals, use your voice, step into your full being, and reclaim your power takes longer. The average amount of time I work with people to get the results they want is six months.

    The work I do is highly customized to you and your goals, so I can’t tell you how long it will take for you. We’ll talk more about your goals and a timeline on an illumination call.

    I accept all major credit cards and PayPal. I do not accept cash or check. (You can pay by e-check via PayPal.) Payment must be received before our first call. I do not issue refunds and your calls must be used by you and cannot be transferred to another person.


    You can connect with me here (and here and here...)

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