Rabbi David Cohen Suspense Series

No matter how much shalom Rabbi David Cohen pursues, he keeps finding himself yarmulke-deep in evil.

Set in Minneapolis, David, along with his wife Sara, his colleague Rabbi Batya Zahav, and Batya’s husband, Israeli-born Minneapolis homicide cop Arik Zahav, wrestle with kidnapping, stalking, violence, murder, and Minnesota weather.

“Charming, chilling … places Rabbi David Cohen alongside Harry Kemelman’s David Small and Faye Kellerman’s Peter Decker in the pantheon of observant Jewish crimestoppers.” —Dr. Jacob M. Appel

You can purchase signed and inscribed paperback books here, as well as ebooks that you can load onto your preferred e-reading device. See individual book pages for purchase links.

If you are a reseller or looking to purchase more than three copies in a single shipment, please purchase from my distributor at Itasca Books.



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