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“You want me to write what?” I sat there, stunned, as my spirit guides clarified what they were asking me to do.

“A book,” said Dresden, my primary guide, in his patient baritone voice. “About connecting with one’s spirit guides as a resource for healing.”


“It will be the easiest book you’ve ever written,” Dresden continued. “We talk; you write.”

“We may have officially crossed into the doubting my sanity phase,” I said.

“Precisely why this book needs to be written.”

“There are a whole bunch of other books out there on how to contact one’s spirit guides, written by people with a lot more experience as channelers. Why this one?” I asked.

“Because those other books don’t address the unique needs of those who cope with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or who experienced trauma. This isn’t just a guidebook,” Dresden said, clearly enjoying the pun. “It’s a trauma-informed guidebook. And you, as someone who has lived with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and trauma, are the perfect person to share what we have to say.”

“If you say so.” I wasn’t convinced.

“I do. Shall we begin?”

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