Word Count #2

Posted on January 15, 2007

In my last post about word counts and finishing As in Days of Old, I posted that I’d written 63,881 words.

Life has a way of interrupting the best-made plans, so I haven’t had as much writing time as I’d like, but I’ve so far made it to…


67,266 words.

Today’s a writing day, so we’ll see how far I get.

Oh, and I needed to introduce a new character, an Orthodox rabbi, and I’ve just fallen in love with his character (in a platonic way, of course). Here’s a bit about him:

Somewhere in his sixties, Rabbi Shimon Gerson was a small man, standing about five and a half feet in shoes. His large black kippah covered the majority of his bald head, and his full gray beard had grown down to his chest. He had a habit of twirling his delicate fingers in his beard while in thought, occasionally getting them tangled and pulling out a stray hair while freeing his digits. Brown eyes that glittered with streaks of ochre and speckles of gold, combined with that spellbinding storyteller’s voice, made it hard to avoid eye contact.

All excerpts copyright © 2007 by Sheyna D. Galyan

Back in a bit!


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