Anonymity for all

Posted on January 22, 2007

Today probably isn’t a good day to make any real decisions. I’ve spent half the day in tears, working through some long-buried stuff, and I know I’m in that place of things not going in right that I’d talked a bit about before.

I’ve been thinking about how my comments don’t allow for any anonymous comments. I did that initially because I was afraid of anonymous commenters saying really cruel or insulting things. I see that on other blogs, where people seem to think that it’s okay to be insulting and disrespectful or even to rip someone else to shreds because they’re anonymous and it’s easier to tear someone down from behind a computer screen than it would be in real life.

Maybe because of the depression, maybe just because I’m one of those sensitive souls, I don’t have that thick skin that others do. So I chose to prohibit anonymous comments. It won’t eliminate the threat, but at least commenters would need a profile, if not their own blog. It seemed to be a bit of protection.

But then I thought that there might be people like me, who struggle with the same issues, but don’t want to “come out” on their own blog or elsewhere, and might comment positively or share their own experiences if they could be anonymous.

So now I’m not sure what to do. My gut says to keep it as it is for the protective aspect. My mind wonders if I’m missing out on an opportunity to connect.

And so few posts have comments anyway, that I’m not sure it would make a difference.



  1. Rivka

    This is reassuring. I will try it with allowing anonymous comments and know that I can always add that protection back in if I need it. Thank you both.

  2. Unknown

    I agree with MiI. Most of the blogs I read rarely get negative comments, because most are not negative themselves. Based on what I’ve seen on this blog until now, I doubt you have anything to worry about.

  3. mother in israel

    Unless yours is the kind of blog that viciously attacks people you are unlikely to get negative comments. That’s what I’ve noticed at least.

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