Depression, OCD and Judaism: a case study

Posted on January 29, 2007

I happened across this article tonight and thought it was worth sharing. While I don’t have OCD itself, I’ve mentioned before that my hypomanic states can sometimes bring some OCD-like tendencies. She’s also dealing with depression and “feelings of guilt for adding to her husband’s responsibilities.”

I can completely see where this woman is coming from.

Treating an Orthodox Jewish Woman With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: Maintaining Reproductive and Psychologic Stability in the Context of Normative Religious Rituals


  1. Rivka

    Thank you. I know that my disorder is heredetary. My mother had it, as did her mother (my grandmother). My grandfather, too, had some serious mood swings. But that doesn’t always help when dealing with other people.

    Too often we see behavior as the result of choice, not chemistry.

    On the cutting, I’m happy to say the last time I did it was in 1994. I still understand the reason behind it. Sometimes just thinking about doing it is a relief. It’s a very powerful means of expressing hurt no one else can or is willing to see.

    I hope your students get the help they need, too.

  2. Anonymous

    Hey, just found your blog through Ezzie- glad you are working on getting the help that you need. Depression has a very strong biological component. No one with depression should ever be ashamed of it in as much as we aren’t ashamed of people with asthma or whatever. And sorry to hear about the cutting thing- I have a quite a few students who do that- its quite distressing when people hear about that subject. But do talk about it, write about it, and know that the dark times get better. Have courage.

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