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Posted on February 6, 2007

I’d written here that one of my commenters had a good site “with lots of references and links to others writing about depression and related mental health issues.” Ayelet noticed that I didn’t actually say what the site was, so I’m doing so now. It’s From La La Land and lists its intent as

“For those who suffer from depressive disorders, as well as for their loved ones, to share thoughts, frustrations, joys, research, treatments, articles, books, studies, etc.”

There is an entry on this site about the effect of depression on creativity from CBS Cares. I linked to CBS Cares earlier though a different article. I thought this was interesting because I find that I’m most creative when I’m just going into or coming out of a depression, but rarely when I’m in the middle of it and rarely when I’m in a hypomanic state because I’m too busy volunteering for things I can’t say no to when I’m hypomanic. I get a lot done but little of it is creative.

Another site I found through a comment to an article on bipolar linked on this site is specifically on bipolar disorder and creativity. I’m glad all these famous people can go public with their disorder and be respected for it. I wish I could. Then again, I’m not famous.

There is also an entry on the worst things to say to someone who is depressed, and I thought I would make my own list based on things that people have actually said to me. It can be part of my What I would want my congregation to know series.

Finally I want to mention this site for those who are unfamiliar with what bipolar disorder even is. Most people when they talk about bipolar are talking about Bipolar I, characterized by low depressions and very high mania. This is not what I have. I have Bipolar II which is very low depressions and mild (hypo) mania. I think this may be why the antidepressants work some for me. But they obviously don’t work completely. And I don’t want to go back on the bipolar meds I used to be on. That was a nightmare. I may write more about that some other time.


  1. Rivka

    You’re welcome. Please continue the wonderful work you’re doing.

  2. Remson Wood

    I am honored. Thank you.

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