Fun with Search Terms

Posted on February 22, 2007

Every now and then I find it fun to see what search terms led people here. Some are expected: my name, the name of my book or character(s), even the name of the blog itself. But some are just so interesting. They make me tilt my head and say, “Hmm…”

Recent search terms that brought folks here:

Tzedek hechsher
Makes perfect sense.

Jewish identity versus practice
Led to my post Toward Jewish Identity.

Children’s mad libs
Ah, obviously resulted in the As in Days of Old spoof of “Mad Libs.”

Writing on Shabbat
Also makes sense, though I wonder if my Shabbat writing post was at all close to what they were looking for.

Jealous of my husband’s biological family
Uh… no idea. None at all. This earns the “Hmm…” Award for this round.

The rabbi detective
Also makes sense.

Dr. Seuss’s beliefs
I did a Dr. Seuss parody to announce a Haveil Havalim. Must be it.

Purim, Esther’s vulnerability
Did I ever post my Megilat Ester parody? [searching] Yep. Last year.

Is holly berry offensive to Jews
No clue. This earns the Honorable Mention “Hmm…” for this round.


  1. Jack Steiner

    Holly Berry sounds like a porn star.

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