Chemically Enhanced Marketing

Posted on June 12, 2009

Hi. My name is Sheyna and I’m an introvert.


I had a bad headache today and took one of the most effective OTC headache meds for me. It has a painkiller that helps my headache. And it has caffeine, which I’ve discovered helps my marketing skills.

Caffeine makes me happy. It boosts my self-confidence, decreases my anxiety, and brings out the closet extrovert in me. I can accomplish, overcome, and succeed. I am the person I dream myself to be. That’s the upside.

The downside is that I don’t regularly “do” caffeine in any form, so when it hits my system, it’s effective. It also can make me a little jittery, a little scattered. By this afternoon, I felt I should have a sign on my forehead that read, “I am not as disorganized as I appear.”

So I can use it when I need it, but I have to use it sparingly. I’d like to use it every day. Who wouldn’t want to wake up feeling good about herself, ready to take on the world? Especially when you’ve had a lot of experience not feeling that way?

Apparently for some people, the same effect is achieved with alcohol. I’d like to think that the caffeine-enhanced me has far more common sense than the alcohol-enhanced me. Actually, I know from experience that the alcohol-enhanced me is sleepy and not nearly as fun. But I would hate for anyone to think that I advocate any kind of chemical enhancement for marketing (or other) purposes.

It’s a dilemma. Caffeine gives me the edge I need to really put myself out there. But it’s only effective with occasional use, and marketing is a full-time job. Some day I’ll figure out how to get the upside of caffeine without the downside. Until then, maybe I will have a refill on that coffee…


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