If I Belonged

Posted on September 3, 2017

> When did it start to feel like… Like you fit? Like you…belonged here?
> Well, I’m still not sure I do.
If I belonged
Really belonged
I wouldn’t feel the need
To prove myself
To show my worth
To defend every action
Every desire for connection
Every longing for love
If I belonged
I wouldn’t feel like I was trespassing
On someone else’s territory
Fearful of triggering
Someone’s anger
That I had overstepped
My bounds
Taken what was
Not mine
Expected more than
I was owed
As if friendships are transactions
And love can be meted out
In weights and measures
I don’t know how to belong
Without being invited
How do I differentiate
An invitation
From my own longing?
Carving out a place for myself
Evokes images of sharp edges
Blades cutting and slashing
Creating a space
In the absence of a welcome
I’d rather nestle in
Where space is made
With the intent
That I should fill it
A me-shaped space
A perfect fit
But this requires
The involvement of others
One in which
Belonging can never be
A one-sided decision
I see now
This is belonging
Among people
What if this is too narrow a focus?
Can I belong in the world
Without people being involved?
Why should other people
Have the power to decide
If I belong?
Am I beholden to them
For my existence
Simply because I’ve never felt
What it means to belong?
What if belonging
Is a state of being
And not a status
A rank granted
Only if one meets
Subjective standards
And pays one’s dues?
If I belonged
As a state of being
I could stop apologizing
For being who I am
If I belonged
As a state of being
I would have just as much right
To happiness and joy
To love and fulfillment
As anyone else
If I belonged
As a state of being
My needs would be important
Should the cabin lose air pressure
One of those oxygen masks
Would be for me
And I could secure it on myself
With gratitude
If I belonged
As a state of being
Then should others
Overlook me
Forget me
Ignore me
Try to erase me
I have a right
Even an obligation
To speak up for myself
To fight for myself
Because I belong
And I will not be erased
I belong
And I have a right to be happy
I belong
I do not need to carve out a space
Or nestle in to one existing
I will make my own space
In the world
And invite others
To stand with me
To sit next to me
To share with me
And if I sometimes feel
Like a fish out of water
Because belonging
Has been foreign all my life
Then I will be that fish
Who learns to live on land
Big plans for that fish
Don’t step on me
I belong.


  1. Sheyna Galyan

    Mirjam, thanks so much!

    I've come to realize in just the past few weeks how many of us feel that we don't belong anywhere. And as Brené Brown has said, "without love and belonging, there is suffering." We're hardwired to need connection, to need to belong. But we can't be dependent on others for our belonging.

    Maya Angelou once said, "I belong to Maya. And I like Maya very much." We all belong to ourselves.

    In a talk I heard just last night from Brené Brown, she said, in effect, "I belong everywhere and anywhere that I am true to myself."

  2. Unknown

    This poem spoke to my heart.

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